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The story of an old nail…

In 1902, the Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific Railroad surveyed the Alex area for placement of a spur that would extend from Chickasha to Lindsay. By 1904, that spur had been constructed and the first trains were running through the area, forever changing it from the lonesome prairie it had been before. Long before the advent of computers to keep… Read more →

The infamous Joe McAlister

At the Western History Collection at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, this picture was catalogued in the Womack Collection among several extremely old photos of Alex before statehood. The only information they had about picture was that the man at the extreme right of the photo was Joe McAlister and the woman next to him (holding the child) was… Read more →

Soldier Creek in 1901 or 1902

This picture was received on April 10, 2016, from Jerry Snow of Norman, a descendant of W.V. “Red” Alexander, the founder of Alex. From left to right, the identified persons in the photo are Agnes Meek, Perry Alexander, Charles and Lela Williams, W.V. Red Alexander and Laura Meek.  The two persons at the far right of the picture are not… Read more →

Alex Methodist Church Deed

The ladies at the bank found this recently when they were going through stuff in the safety deposit vault. It’s the deed given to the Alex Methodist Church in 1908 for the purchase of at least part of the property at their current location. The land was sold to the church by EJ Kelly, the Washita Valley townsite company man… Read more →