Mr. Cook’s sad fate

Before Bradley was formally established in 1891, the closest post office village to Alex was Old Fred, located just under eight miles northwest up the old Fort Cobb Trail. The Fred post office, the third oldest in what would become Grady County, Oklahoma, pre-dates Alex’s post office by some 23 months. The proprietor of the trading post at Fred was Walter Scott Cook. A Virginian by birth, he was well known in Alex and throughout the general area, both north and south of the Washita. Around 1889, Walter, or Scott, as he was often called, moved with his family to Galveston, Texas, where they lived at the northwest corner of Avenue T½ and 39th Street. Walter Scott Cook, his wife and his six children were among the 8000 people who perished in the great Galveston hurricane on September 8, 1900.

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